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Asterisk Webmin | Asterisk PBX Manager Webmin

A commercial Asterisk management software is available from Thirdlane. Asterisk PBX Manager allows for easier configuration of the Asterisk PBX.

Asterisk PBX Manager includes a simple GUI interface allowing experienced and not-so experienced users to make changes to their Asterisk configuration without having to modify text based configuration files.

Asterisk PBX Manager is a webmin based module and can be easily installed into a webmin environment. The following links will guide you to the information required to begin using Asterisk PBX Manager

  • View some Asterisk PBX Manager screenshots.
  • If you don't already have Webmin, it is available here.
  • Asterisk PBX Manager is available from Thirdlane.
  • View a live demo of Asterisk PBX Manager from Thirdlane. User is: demo Password is: insecure

Here is a list of tasks that can be done with Asterisk PBX Manager webmin

  • PBX Options - general PBX configuration and system defaults management
  • Generator - bulk generation of extensions, devices, and mailboxes
  • Trunk Manager - management of PBX connections to service providers or other PBXs
  • Route Manager - management of outbound dialing
  • Inbound Call Manager - management of inbound calls and DIDs
  • Extensions Manager - dialplan management and assignment of scripts to extensions
  • Phone Manager - management of devices (phones)
  • Mailbox Manager - configuration of user mailboxes
  • Voice Menu Manager - configuration of Auto Attendant and multi level voice menus
  • Queue Manager - management of ACD and call queues
  • Music-on-Hold Manager - management of on hold music
  • Script Manager - creation of scripts for call handling (used by Extensions Manager)
  • Conference Manager - configuration of conference rooms
  • Configuration Editor - direct access to Asterisk configuration files
  • Command Shell- web interface to Asterisk command line interface
  • File Manager - intelligent upload and download for various configuration and support files
  • Call Detail Records - display of Asterisk CDR

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