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How do I Download Asterisk PBX?

The Asterisk PBX software is open-source and is free to download directly from the official Asterisk website at New versions, updates, documentation, addons, sounds and other miscellaneous files are also available.

What operating systems does Asterisk run on?

Currently Asterisk will only run on a Linux based operating system. You will need to choose a Linux distribution with the most popular selections being: Redhat, Fedora, SUSE and Debian Linux.

Why is Asterisk available only in "source code"?

When you download Asterisk, what you are in fact downloading is the Asterisk source code. Source code simply means that the software is in a the original format in which the programmers "coded" it. Source code allows you to compile the software for installation and use on whatever "flavor" of Linux operating system you choose.

What is CVS?

While on you will notice that you can also download Asterisk via the CVS repository. CVS is an open-source version control system popular amongst the Linux community. CVS is used to ensure that you are downloading the "most recent" version of the software available. To download Asterisk via CVS do the following in a terminal window: (Note: Assumes you have already installed Linux on your system)

# cd /usr/src
# export
# cvs login - the password is anoncvs.
# cvs checkout zaptel libpri asterisk

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