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How do I Install Asterisk PBX?

Installing Asterisk can be a daunting task and were it not for the numerous individuals and companies and their amazing contributions to the Asterisk open-source project, the Asterisk PBX software would not be where it is today. There are many, many sources of information regarding the proper installation of an Asterisk PBX system. Because Asterisk can be and is used for so many purposes, finding an installation guide for your specific scenario is difficult. It is therefore best to get your feet wet with a simple getting started document that can get you familiarized with the installation process and some of the basic functionality that Asterisk can provide. The best document for this purpose is the Getting Started With Asterisk document written by Andy Powell. This document can be found at:

The Asterisk WiKi

Once you have gotten started with Asterisk you will undoubtedly want more information. The Asterisk WiKi should be your next stop on the road to a successful installation. The WiKi will provide you with all the information you will need to customize your installation for your needs. The WiKi is an enormous collection of information gathered from the developers and actual users of Asterisk. The Asterisk WiKi is available at:

Need more Installation help?

If you cannot find the information you need from the previous sources, you may want to check on the user contributed sources of excellent information. Look for the "User Contributed Links" at the bottom of the support page, available at:

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